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Professional Info ​

Proactive Patient Advocacy Inc., is a community of certified clinical professionals, former and current employees of major insurance carriers and large hospital systems.


Collectively we have approximately 40 years of experience navigating the healthcare system as patients and employees.


Our extensive knowledge of the healthcare system, medical terminology, clinical certifications, and direct patient care is beneficial to potential clients.


We can help guide you through the challenging process. We have determined the most effective way to have a positive experience in healthcare. 

  • Educational workshops/seminars (including bi-lingual)
  • FREE health fairs/screenings
  • Doctors/Nurses/Nutritionists to educate via workshops/screenings to include disease awareness, healthy eating habits, and exercise. Educating the importance of prostate exams, diabetes,cardiology, women's health, senior health, and pediatric health education
  • Provide information to assist  those seeking health insurance deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, traditional Medicare & Medicare Advantage replacement Plans
  • Accompany patients to doctor visits (in person and VIRTUALLY)



We can help/advocate for you by providing the following:

~Educating  as to how to have a productive doctor (provider) visit; saving you time, money & frustration

~Assisting with the education of your insurance plan(s)

~Assistance with  how to navigate your medical bills

 ~Accompany clients to their provider visits in person or virtually so the client is clear and has a full understanding of their visit, tests, etc. We provide forms the client can take to their doctor with questions & Hippa (Privacy Act) form ( these foms  can be downloaded from our website)

~Provide referrals for services that a client may need

~Edcucate clients about Advance Directives, Living Wills,   Healthcare Power of Attorney

~Provide educational webinars

~Educating providers how we advocate for their patients


~Provide us with your contact information and the service(s) you need assistance with (complete our Client Assessment Form)

~Advise if you need in person or virtual services

~CONTACT US TODAY via phone, email or the CONTACT FORM!

How We Can Help

Lending a Helping Hand

Patients are emotionally overwhelmed in a hospital setting and need an attentive advocate that's willing to make sure all necessary steps are taken on their behalf.

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