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What is a Patient Advocate?

 A patient advocate assists patients to communicate with their healthcare providers so they obtain the information they need to make informed decisions pertaining to their healthcare. In addition to gaining a better understanding of their health insurance.

What are the advantages of working with a Patient Advocate?

We can guide you through the complex healthcare system to become proactive anticipating your healthcare needs.

Can we provide legal medical advice?

Legal medical referrals are available from State, legal aid or The State Bar Association. We cannot provide medical, legal or financial advice, nor can we litigate.  We do not provide representation for appeals (private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, SSI or SSDI)

Are your services paid for by insurance?

Insurance does not cover our services at this time.  Proactive Patient Advocacy Inc. works directly for YOU.

How can a Patient Advocate be beneficial to a provide practice or hospital?

We can assist by providing your patients for their visit, and expediting claims/reimbursement for your practice if patients are proactively presenting the most current up to date insurance information with each visit, and being aware of their financial obligations(s).

How can I get started?

Contact us Today, or Complete the "Contact Us" form.

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