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Our main focus is the senior community at large. Often times, seniors may feel they are overlooked, misunderstood, and are not being heard. We are here to fill that gap. While seniors are our main focus, we will assist anyone in the community that needs our help or services. 



We are a non-profit based organization that strives to Engage, Encourage, Empower, and Educate!

We are here to assist our clients, particularly the senior community to navigate through the ever changing & sometimes daunting healthcare system "proactively."

We welcome you to Proactive Patient Advocacy Inc., and we look forward to assisting you SOON! CONTACT US TODAY!!


Proactive Patient Advocacy in collaboration with Quanta Edwards of NC Living Realty had the pleasure of providing 100 COVID-19 Supplies (bottled water, face masks, hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial hand wipes). The recipients were seniors of The Raleigh Housing Authority, Raleigh NC & Cadence Garner, NC.

Somone who is an advocate for the patient; someone who advises the patient and gives advice in the best interest of the patient - Angie B. 


Patient Advocacy means so much to me and my family. I was my parent's Advocate while living in a nursing home. I did not want their rights taken away or their wishes not fulfilled. It just didn't  have to be one way they had a choice and I made sure their voices and choices were heard. - Susan L.

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